Retention and Technology – Inspire Corporate Commitment Through Tailored Career Paths

Photo Credit: Mark Duffel on Unsplash

An engaged workforce is a happy workforce. Please stay on the path.

Companies are leveraging technology to build cultural greatness and inspire corporate commitment – and they’ve got a focus on interns and early career employees.

According to a study conducted by Great Place to Work, a research arm of Fortune Magazine, corporate cultures that are fair about promotions, give employees a say at work, and guide new employees on a career path are great for interns and new grads. These beacons to early career employees also tend to net big wins including greater collaboration, a more committed workforce, and cultural greatness.

Technology Guides (Early) Career Paths

Guiding interns and early career employees along defined career paths is an all-hands-on-deck initiative at leading companies. From financial service firms to legal and healthcare teams, mentor involvement, skill-building, and performance tracking are core to employee development, engagement, and retention. Our blog post on providing interns meaningful work highlights the importance of starting early-career employees off on the right path and aligning work assignments to their interests and skill levels. In this post, we’ll explore three ways technology goes to work on Day 1 to take newly minted grads to greatness on your watch.

Scale integration and inclusion with tech to seriously engage interns

An internship and early career program management solution puts technology at your fingertips to quickly multiply and align company administrative and coaching resources. The ability to scale efforts and resources helps your company meet a growing demand to provide real-time coaching.

It’s time to move beyond home-grown workflows that aggregate disparate spreadsheets and online surveys. Track new employee satisfaction, skill growth, and cultural engagement easily and quickly with a unified software application that puts real-time, two-way communication, and collaboration in your hands (and your intern’s).

  1. Deliver real-time feedback, goal setting, and mentorship tracking: Leveraging a unified solution, employers create an end-to-end feedback module that captures real-time feedback, goals, evaluations, and mentor meetings. Each of these components provides proactive actionable insights to identify and address problems quickly.
  2. Provide and track meaningful work assignments: A cohesive intern and new employee program aligns an employee’s interests with projects that need resources. Solutions make cataloging and distributing assignments easy helping interns quickly view assigned projects or allowing selection from a pool of available projects. Easily communicate criteria and expectations for the assigned project, expose individuals to varied tasks and departments during their tenure/rotation, and manage assignment complexity as skills develop.
  3. Outline and track a skill development “roadmap”: Research shows that people flourish when they understand the skills needed to develop and grow along a career path. For example, early career employees involved in an IT department rotation develop specific skills they need to “check off” along their defined development path. During their tenure, employees develop specific SQL and C++ skills their career path defined. This tailored skill training and tracking workflow provides employees with a visual day-to-day progress report and allows their management team to engage on progress keeping employees on the right path.

Unified internship and early career program management software solutions quickly fill gaps created by a proliferation of disparate or home-grown tools and workflows. Harness technology that provides enterprise-wide transparency, engagement, and management of internship and early career program employees.

Learn more about new employee integration and internship program management. If you’d like more information about leveraging technology to solve internship and early career tracking challenges, we’d love to help you. We can walk you through a demo, share customer success stories and case studies, and give you the resources you need to choose the right solution for your organization. We’re ready to help, just visit the vi website for more information or connect with us on Twitter and LinkedIn.