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The complete solution to measuring and maximizing engagement

Employee engagement is the key to holding on to great people, from your new hires to your long-term professionals. Facilitate communication and feedback, and nurture wellbeing and growth in your organization.

Become a people-centric organization and create a better experience for everyone

new hire integration

Engage your new hires with holistic integration programs

Create integration plans that introduce new hires to your firm and their role with training, coaching, introductions, and socializing.
Easily track each person’s progress to make sure they are progressing as planned and no one is falling behind.
Use real-time feedback from your new hires to measure and improve their engagement throughout the integration process.

real-time feedback

Give your professionals real-time feedback and guidance on their work

Use our real-time feedback system to give professionals continuous feedback on their client work and projects.
Set up recurring feedback prompts for supervisors or mentors and allow professionals to request feedback at any time.
Recognize when professionals apply feedback, improve, and meet goals in their work.

workload forecasting

Make sure professionals have a stimulating and healthy workload

Monitor everyone’s wellbeing through their feedback, check-ins, pulse surveys, and self-reflections.
Forecast work needs and analyse color-coded availability dashboards to give everyone the right amount of work.
Assign or let people choose projects that interest them, suit their career goals, or give them opportunities to develop new skills.

remote workforce management

Engage your professionals in remote or hybrid environments

Create engagement timelines for remote and hybrid professionals that keep them connected with check-ins and social activities.
Prioritize feedback that goes both ways, giving your professionals the chance to speak up and making sure to listen and take action.
Track any ‘flight risk’ people so you can identify opportunities to engage them and support them before it’s too late.

We help our clients engage, develop, and retain their people

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