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Find star professionals and fully integrate them into your team

To win the war for talent, you need to do more than just check boxes in your recruitment process. Design an outstanding experience for candidates and a holistic, long-term integration program for new hires.

Build and retain
a high-performing,
diverse, and happy team

applicant tracking

Easily manage and automate recruitment of any complexity

Funnel high volumes of applicants through your website and give candidates a seamless application experience.
Pre-screen and filter applicants based on custom criteria and automatically parse resumes for the data you need.
Easily schedule and score interviews so you can quickly and efficiently hire the right professional for each position.

virtual on-campus recruitment

Effortlessly recruit on campus for your early career programs

Instantly import applicant data thanks to our integrations with popular university career services platforms.
Easily process applicants from your top schools, filter key data such as GPA, and schedule on-campus interviews.
Use our robust video interviewing functionality for virtual on-campus recruitment.

new hire integration

Give new hires integration plans that welcome them and prepare them for work

Design custom integration processes for each role with activities for learning, coaching, feedback, socialization, and introductions.
Track all integration progress in one dashboard, remote and in office, with red alerts to ensure no activity or hire gets left behind.
Make sure your new hires are engaged and settling in by collecting feedback from them and from their integration teams.

diversity & inclusion

Improve diversity & inclusion in your hiring and integration processes

Filter diversity data in the recruitment process and track your firm’s diversity hiring targets.
Review D&I reporting to improve equal employment opportunity and better integrate and retain your diverse hires.
Look at each recruitment and integration stage to analyze when you lose diverse candidates and how to improve.

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