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Meaningfully foster diversity, equity, and inclusion at your firm

Improving DE&I isn't just about hiring a more diverse workforce. With our platform, you can create a workplace where everyone has equal opportunities to develop and advance. This includes equitable work allocation, unbiased performance evaluations, inclusive new hire integration, and more. Deep DE&I analytics enable you to track your progress and make improvements in every area.

One-stop shop for advancing DE&I throughout your employees' journey – from recruiting to retention


Inform and empower hiring choices while meeting your diversity targets

Our filters automatically parse resumes and applications to identify the diversity data you need.
Use our reporting and analytics to track your progress on diversity targets, explore trends, and make adjustments.
Analyze when you lose diverse candidates and discover how to better provide equal employment opportunity.

new hire integration

Give diverse hires equal access and equal opportunity to succeed

Use our pre-built programs for diverse hire integration to ensure they are getting the mentorship and introductions they need.
Collect real-time feedback throughout the process to find out how the integration is working for your diverse hires and your team.
Use our built-in DE&I reporting to review trends and see how you can be more inclusive in your integration plans.

Resource allocation

Give each associate equal opportunity to do quality work, develop skills, and advance in their career

Use work forecasting to make sure diverse hires are on track to reach targets, such as billable hours or productivity standards.
Assign diverse teams who will complement each other, perform well together, and learn new skills from each other.
Ensure diverse hires are developing through their assigned work, skill training, and mentorships.

performance & feedback

Create a cadence of direct feedback and remove bias from evaluations

Identify room for improvement with DE&I check-ins, real-time feedback, pulse surveys, and self-reflections.
Review evaluation and feedback history, as well as trends across your diverse professionals, to identify issues and solutions.
Take action to remove any bias in performance evaluations and make sure everyone is treated fairly and equally.

Professional Advancement

Ensure diverse professionals advance and have the chance to become leaders

Track career progression and analyze if your diverse people are advancing in equal cadence with your non-diverse people.
Use feedback in all areas to monitor whether your diverse talent are happy, engaged, and satisfied enough to stay with your firm.
Use career plans, work scheduling, and skill tracking to give diverse professionals the advancement opportunities they need.

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