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Improve productivity and utilization management with strategic resource allocation

Who has the capacity and skills for this project? Is anyone billing too much or too little? Are work and opportunities being distributed equitably? In one system, we have the answers to all your resource management and work allocation needs.


Effectively manage workloads and work allocation to help every professional do their best

project staffing

Staff the right people for work based on availability, skills, and more

Based on the project requirements, filter professionals by availability, utilization, skills, demographics, interests, and more.
Explore detailed individual profiles to select the best people for each project and assemble diverse and complementary teams.
Understand the skills and development needs of your people so that you can assign work that suits them and helps them grow.

resource management

Forecast and balance individual and firm-wide workloads

See what your professionals are working on and their forecasted workloads so you know how busy they are.
Prevent burnout and attrition by ensuring that individuals aren’t over- or under-utilized and are on target for their billable hours.
Visual dashboards with color-coding make it easy to manage workloads and balance utilization across offices and departments.

work allocation

Give professionals an equitable quantity, quality, and variety of work

Use data to inform staffing decisions and ensure that every person is getting the opportunity to develop and advance in their career.
Reduce bias and inequity by getting a clear view of each professional’s workload and the types of work they have.
Ensure that no one is being underutilized and that everyone has equal access to career-boosting projects and relationships.

task management

Manage internship assignments and task allocation for support staff

Create, assign, and track tasks for support staff or departments, or allow them to pick up work from a pool of available tasks.
Automate early career program allocation and monitor progress, performance, and real-time feedback on all assignments.
Use prebuilt reports to evaluate individual productivity and review task completion rates and feedback trends.

How better resource allocation helps everyone in your firm

Executive leadership
As leaders, you make sure your team is operating at capacity, your clients are getting the best quality service, and your people are happy and growing. Advise on overall project allocation to make sure the right work goes to the right people.
People leadership
As a talent leader, you need to track each employee’s progress and engagement. Our software helps you customize and improve work allocation processes, increasing employee satisfaction and reducing voluntary attrition.
We help you manage work allocation and see how your delegation is paying off. Identify opportunities to improve and further support your employees. Become a better manager and ensure each team member is working at capacity and satisfied by their workload.
Our software makes it easy to track your workload and skill development. As your managers allocate work and give feedback, stay on track to improve and progress in your career.

Our clients trust us to help their firm reach its full potential

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