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Reinvent performance management at your professional services organization

Evaluate and enhance how your people work on every internal or client project. Ensure consistently strong performance and reduce attrition by giving professionals real-time feedback and recognition throughout the year.

Drive performance improvements and goal alignment all year long

Real-Time Feedback

Track & guide performance with real-time feedback, especially on client work

Set up triggers to prompt real-time feedback for professionals on a recurring basis or at specific checkpoints.
Align individual performance on client work by identifying and solving issues with feedback the moment they come up.
Use feedback to track progress on individual goals for skill development and performance improvement.

Real-Time Feedback

Engage and develop your people with check-ins, recognition, and mentoring

Use real-time guidance and recognition to engage your professionals and increase their satisfaction.
Make sure your professionals’ voices are being heard through check-ins and pulse surveys, especially when they work remote.
Nurture coaching and mentoring relationships that can help your professionals improve and achieve their goals.

Performance Management & Feedback

Make annual performance evaluations easy and effective for everyone

Create a 360-degree feedback cycle with manager evaluations, subordinate evaluations, peer evaluations, and self-evaluations.
Match employee projects and client work to evaluators and give evaluators a summary of professionals’ feedback from the year.
Identify growth opportunities and help professionals plan their goals and checkpoints to achieve them in the following year.

Performance Management & Feedback

Use goal planning to pinpoint learning and skill development requirements

Determine each professional's annual goals or personal development plans (PDPs) and align them with the firm’s goals.
Break those goals down into smaller steps they can complete during the year, such as practicing a skill or taking a course.
Assign relevant work to them and give them feedback on their progress throughout the year so they can achieve their goals.

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