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Keep your workforce connected and productive while remote

Engage and manage your people no matter where they’re working, with people management software that enables your team to go remote without disruptions, productivity loss, or leaving your people feeling disconnected.

The fully equipped
people management suite for any remote or hybrid situation

new hire integration

Manage personalized programs that make remote hires feel at home

Design a comprehensive timeline of virtual activities, like training and introductions, so they connect and get to work.
Track integration across your firm on one dashboard, with red alerts to make sure no remote hire falls behind.
Collect real-time feedback from your hires, as well as their managers and peers, to ensure they are engaged and fitting in.

Performance management & feedback

Bridge the remote gap through effective performance evaluations and real-time feedback

Make up for the virtual distance with self-evaluations, peer evaluations, and reviews and goal planning on video calls.
Use check-ins, triggers for real-time feedback, pulse surveys, and self-reflections to hear from people and offer support.
Establish communication and evaluation processes that will keep your teams connected in and out of the office.

Productivity management

Optimize each person’s workload to drive productivity & utilization, without guesswork

Forecast each employee’s availability so you always know who is working from home and who is free to take on work.
See the availability of an entire department in one color-coded dashboard and schedule the right people for each project.
Create systems where professionals can pick up or be assigned work, such as internship programs or internal gig marketplaces.

Employee engagement

Boost employee morale and engagement by focusing on wellbeing, connections, and feedback

Create an engagement timeline for all your professionals that includes check-ins, pulse surveys, and social activities.
Give your professionals chances to speak up, and make sure you’re listening and taking action when they do.
Closely monitor ‘flight risk’ employees to identify opportunities to support them before you lose them.

Learning management

Facilitate virtual learning and team building that is accessible from anywhere

Create virtual courses, training sessions, and resources that your firm can access from anywhere.
Easily run courses with self-registration, calendar integration, feedback, and targeted emails to suggested attendees.
Virtual team-building and social events are just as simple to launch, and can also track attendees’ engagement and feedback.

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