Is your road to employee retention lined with good intentions?

The road to employee retention is built on intelligent touchpoints, not good intentions. What do your touchpoints look like?

Employee retention is like any successful relationship, the more engaged each party is, the better the overall outcome. Building successful relationships takes intelligent, timely, and positive touchpoints. In the workplace, each engagement builds to a collection of planned or spontaneous interactions that determines how likely an employee is to successfully integrate into your culture, or jump ship and seek greener pastures.

In this blog post, we’ll break down three key employee engagement technology best practices to help you pave the employee-experience road with more than good intentions.

The (r)Evolution of cultural connection and retention. Dissatisfaction in the workplace is driving a conversation about employee engagement, diversity, retention, and satisfaction. Surveys find that only 13 percent of employees feel connected at work and more than 51 percent are actively looking to leave their current jobs.

Employees want to work for companies that inspire them, value them, and invest in them from Day 1. We’re talking summer interns and early career contributors to senior leaders, and CEOs—employees thrive on engagement that’s tuned in and turned up.

It’s time to put intelligence, technology, and new ideas to work. Here’s how:

  1. Power Up Retention with Real-time Feedback. Feedback is about talking, and listening. Putting technology on point is a great way to build two-way, real-time communication across your team, from any location. Shift lagging evaluations into real-time actionable insights keeping top performers on the right track and plugged in.
  2. Commit to a Mobile-Ready Platform! Pivot to mobile engagement solutions that capture your employee’s attention on the platforms they prefer (and are already plugged into 24×7). HR leaders focused on increasing employee integration and retention are turning to smartphone and app-centric engagement mirroring what employees leverage in their personal lives every day. Choose mobile-ready, app-enabled solutions that reach your employee’s with the touch of their fingers and spur action.
  3. Make Recognition Core to Your Culture. The art of recognition is not lost, and technology solutions like vi’s Retention and Integration solutions can help bring this powerful tool to your team. Employee recognition is one of the most valuable drivers of an employee’s performance, engagement, and sense of belonging. Eighty percent of surveyed employers feel that employee recognition powers engagement and 70 percent of employees say that workplace moral and motivation would improve significantly with a few more high-fives.

HR Leaders can do more with technology, and vi is here to help. We have reimagined how technology brings excitement back to work, from real-time feedback and recognition solutions to app-enabled, mobile platforms. We put help you focus on the DNA of your company, your employees, and we help you engage and retain them from Day 1.

Learn more about new employee integration and retention best practices. If you’d like more information about what intelligent tech engagement solutions can do for you, we’d love to help you. We can walk you through a demo, share customer success stories and case studies, and give you the resources you need to choose the right solution for your organization. We’re ready to help, just visit the vi website for more information or connect with us on Twitter and LinkedIn.