Stop Losing Great People. Integration and Retention Trends for HR Leaders

Executive Brief - 5 retention and integration trends to track
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Stop Losing Great People®

Talent retention matters. Companies know that their human capital is critical to their success. For many organizations, their people ARE their product. For professional service firms (e.g., accounting, consulting, engineering, financial management, legal), finding, nurturing and retaining their top talent is a competitive advantage. But while companies certainly have employee engagement initiatives, those programs are often disjointed, rarely delivering a cohesive engagement cadence. Even the best leaders and mentors are challenged to keep employee integration and retention on the front burner every day. When engagement efforts falter, the exit door begins to open.

From interns to executives, when top performers leave, it hurts all parts of your organization.

Over 3 million Americans walk out the door each month (and don’t come back).

According to the United States Department of Labor, the number of employees voluntarily leaving employment each month topped 3 million last year. For context, imagine the population of New York City handing in their resignations in the next 90 days!

The Good Side and Bad of Low Unemployment

As the unemployment rate drops (now nearing 4 percent), the war on talent takes center stage. What can leadership teams do on the front lines to win the battle for top talent? They can identify and focus on their key performers, at every stage of employment.

Finding and Linking to Great Talent Is One Thing, Retaining Them Is Another

vi’s Executive Brief, “Intern to Executive: 5 Trends Every HR Leader Should Know,” speaks to the integration and retention challenges facing leadership teams today. Retaining key employees is about more than engagement, it’s about being engaged every day, on every project. Engagement that is tailored to each employee and is designed to be dynamic, compelling and inspiring keeps your rock stars humming.

Examine 5 Retention and Integration Trends to Win the War on Talent

Over 87 percent of employers say improving employee retention is critical. More than half (51 percent) of your top performers are looking for another job. Don’t forget, 3 million employees in the U.S. are “signing off” from their current roles this month.

Are your efforts to integrate and retain your top-performing employees paying off? To stay ahead of your competition, you need to know what’s making employees love, or leave, your company.

Intern to Executive: 5 Trends Every HR Leader Should Know

Download this Executive Brief to understand:

  • The top 5 critical trends every HR leader should know
  • What you can do to get ahead
  • The vi solutions that will help you win the talent war
  • HR leader perspectives and next steps—you’re not alone

Our advanced employee integration and retention software solutions help you find top talent, improve hiring conversions, integrate new hires with your culture, and align team members to your vision, values, and goals. We help you identify, develop, and retain key contributors keeping the spotlight on your people.

Stop Losing Great People.

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