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Employee Experience Officers Bring Passion to the Workplace
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Meet the new faces of Human Resources;

The Employee Experience Officer, the People Analytics Director, the Head of Employee Experience and the Chief People Officer.

These HR change-agents are the new “battlefield Lieutenants” in the war on talent. Their mission? Bring the employee’s workplace experience into sharper focus, leverage technology, examine real-time engagement data and develop a deeper understanding of the needs and expectations of employees – then deliver them. Not an easy task.

Employees want more than a job with benefits.

Taking cues from consumer-driven industries that put the customer’s experience in the spotlight, organizations like GE Digital, Forrester, IBM, Alorica and Airbnb are tasking HR leaders to build a compelling employee experience that is career and culture-driven and spans recruitment through retirement.

Airbnb’s Mark Levy, Global Head of Employee Experience, is leading the employee experience revolution. He speaks to a changing workplace where an environment of belonging cultivates creativity, contribution and involvement. Mr. Levy’s team of employee experience designers focus on employee wellbeing and on creating change that empowers employees at all levels. This focus on the employee experience impacts the company’s success, both monetarily and culturally.

Does a focus on the employee experience really work? According to a report in Inc. magazine, it does. Airbnb is ranked number six on the Employee Experience Index, an index that ranks and scores 252 organizations around the world based on seventeen variables across three environments – culture, technology, and the physical workspace.

Forward-thinking corporate leaders are taking note. Losing employees is painful, losing top performers can change a company’s culture and competitive position. As unemployment drops, employees have choices. They are willing to change jobs and companies for a better workplace experience that includes greater engagement, increased gratitude and timely recognition.

Employees are consumers – the workplace is a marketplace.

The rise of an on-demand, smartphone-powered economy changes the conversation about engagement in the workplace. Consumerism is reaching the workplace where employees want more in exchange for their time and talents. The workforce demographic is also changing. Millennials and centennials (Generation Z) – the digital natives – are equal parts consumer and employee. They expect an employee experience that is less and less distinguishable from a consumer experience. Just as superior customer experiences drive consumer loyalty, superior and tailored employee experiences contribute to retention.

The art and science of creating a memorable workplace experience for employees.

Creating an amazing employee experience is both art and science. Technology companies like vi Global harness the power of data and analytics to help companies craft employee-tailored engagement tracks that keep communication top of mind and at your fingertips. From interns to executives and recruitment to retirement, employee-focused workplace experience solutions help organizations keep a pulse on employee engagement, inclusion and involvement.

Reduce the risk that new employees fall through the cracks, or that the fast-pace of your workplace pushes top performer recognition to the back burner. Take a step toward building a workplace that puts employee experiences in the spotlight. Give your Employee Experience team the tools they need to build a memorable workplace experience every day.

Stop Losing Great People®

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