Three Tech Advances That Will Reshape the Workplace

Trends to Track: Tech Reshapes the Workplace
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From artificial intelligence to predictive analytics, technology that tailors an engagement experience will begin to move from consumer and home environments to the workplace in 2018, experts say.

Google HomeAccording to industry analysts at Gartner Research, the way we interact with technology will continue to evolve. Building on conversational platforms that learn and adapt to individual preferences, tech that we’ve come to embrace in home or consumer applications will become standard fare in the workplace. For example, digital engagement platforms like Amazon Echo®, Apple HomePod® or Google Home® will spark tailored engagement and learning in a workplace experience that adapts to individuals and teams.

Tech Delivers an Immersive and Personalized Employee Experience

From interns to executives, building cultural connections in the workplace is critical to reaching organizational goals. Personalizing workplace engagement with AI and BI powers a conversation that shifts focus to the employee. Technology powered engagement augments a company’s ability to listen more closely to employees, connect to them in more tailored ways, and help them achieve their goals.

Watch for these three technology advances that stand to reshape employee engagement, skill building, integration and communication:

  1. AI is the new UI
    Artificial intelligence is poised to improve the experience and outcome of every employee interaction. According to Accenture’s 2017 Technology Vision Survey, 79 percent of IT and business executives agree that AI will help accelerate technology adoption throughout their organizations – and technology that connects and responds to employees is top of mind.SHRM’s Technology 2018 Review notes that companies using AI to improve decision-making, reinvent how work is assigned, and revamp the employee experience will see tech investments payoff – big time. AI is already personalizing consumer experiences. Customer loyalty is often influenced by tailored engagement that’s powered by AI. This concept will be adopted across organizations searching for ways to build employee loyalty and improve retention.
  2. Tailored, immersive workplace experiences
    Business is getting personal. Technology is helping companies adapt to people and to the quest for an exceptional employee experience. With artificial intelligence, business intelligence and virtual reality, parameters of personalization are expanding and engagement is reaching new channels.Gartner predicts that over the next five years the focus will be on mixing and merging digital data to create an immersive experience of choice. Consumers (and employees) will interact with digital and real-world objects in new ways to bring learning and engagement to the center of the employee experience.Employee analytics are turning insights into engagement, higher retention, and profits.
  3. Event-driven decision support powered by technology
    Technology builds an intelligent digital mesh of people, data and devices. Predictive analysis uncovers new employee and business engagement opportunities – many based on business triggers. Business events, or combinations of events (e.g., hiring, site locations, products delivered, services performed), digitally trigger business and employee engagement decisions.For employees, event triggers will shape workplace experience “tracks.” These tracks may facilitate learning, speed employee integration or automatically tailor employee work assignments – all based on digital triggers.

Technology is reshaping employee integration and engagement. Smart workplace platforms tailor the employee experience and knit together an individual’s skills, areas of interest, work style and real-time feedback to keep teams engaged and inspired.

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