Internal gigs: the secret to keeping valuable employees

Internal gigs

The best employees usually aren’t motivated by money alone. They want to learn, grow and make a real difference. Giving them the opportunity to take on stimulating internal work gigs in other departments & teams can help them achieve this. This is why we’re seeing an increase in the number of companies setting up internal gig programs.

The concept is simple: give people the opportunity to try new things, work in new teams, and embrace their ‘intrapreneurial’ side – without leaving your organization.

The added benefit of course, is that internal gigs also help your company become more innovative, agile and productive.

Here are five ways to create a successful internal gigs program:

1. Use the right platform

First, you need a system for advertising internal gigs. Smart solutions can even match resources to projects, and ours goes as far as providing helpful project management features too.

2. Set clear expectations

Take the time to write clear project briefs and follow project management best practice to ensure that all tasks are SMART: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound.

In fact, we’d advise the people who manage these projects to take a refresher course on project management, so that things like project timelines, scope and budget can all be properly managed.

3. Show people how their work fits into the big picture

Sometimes people feel vulnerable when they step outside their comfort zone. They’re more likely to make mistakes and embarrass themselves. You can help them by showing them how their work is helping the company grow and evolve.

The fact that they already know the company and are learning new skills makes them just as valuable, if not more so, than new hires who may have the skills but don’t know the company.

4. Assign an executive-level sponsor to each project

Show people that the projects they’re working on are important to the business by getting senior execs involved. This will help maintain focus and momentum.

5. Meet regularly

Regular meetings are another good tool for maintaining focus and momentum. Keep them quick (we recommend stand-ups) and set a clear agenda. This is a great way to gauge the team’s morale, address challenges and highlight urgent tasks.


Internal gigs can play a huge role in organizational growth. They boost moral, encourage creativity and a sense of ‘intrapreneurship’, and they can lead to new revenue streams.

Launch your internal gig economy

Create an ‘Intrapreneurial’ environment in your business by allowing people to take on stimulating work ‘gigs’ in other departments/groups.

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