6 HR podcasts for busy leaders

HR podcasts

In today’s knowledge-based economy, learning is a fundamental part of our daily lives – both in the office and out. But long, heavy learning programs are time consuming and impractical. Even long articles or blog posts are too much for many of us to consume on a daily basis.

Audio is a great way to consume content while doing other things. It’s easy to listen to audiobook on your commute to work or listen to a podcast while going for a jog. And for those of us who spend all day at our desks, the opportunity to learn without staring at a screen is an enticing one.

We’ve uncovered six great HR podcasts that we hope you’ll enjoy as much as we do.

1. HR Happy Hour

Offering over 300 episodes to listen to, the HR Happy Hour podcast network has been in existence since 2009. It’s hosted by two HR industry experts, Steve Boese and Trish McFarlane, and features a variety of thought leaders, workplace and technology experts, and academics.

The podcast explores a range of topics from HR technology, leadership, and management, to the evolving role of the recruiter and employee financial wellness.

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The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) is a professional body for HR and people development. Founded over 100 years ago, this international organization has over 135,000 members committed to creating better work and working lives.

Their podcast covers topics from managing change and family-friendly workplaces, to employment law and HR trends. Episodes often include interviews with knowledgeable HR professionals, and occasionally the CIPD presents its findings on issues based off of its own research.

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3. Hiring on all cylinders

This weekly podcast focuses purely on recruitment, delving into various aspects of the recruitment world, including recruitment technology, interview processes, resumes and follow-ups. The hosts are joined by professionals who are directly involved in the recruitment of top talent for their organizations.

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4. Hire Up Podcast

Hosted by, John Beck – a management, HR and employee assessment expert – this podcast is “devoted to everything Human Resources.”

Formatted as panel discussions between experts in the industry, episodes cover the latest news and updates in employment assessments, workforce development, talent management, behavior safety and more. The podcast aims to bring people together, share knowledge, discuss, educate and provide information on a wide range of Human Resource topics to identify, select, develop and retain top talent.

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5. #WorkTrends

This podcast by the TalentCulture is aligned to a live discussion via Twitter that takes place every Wednesday at 1.30pm EST after each episode. You can take part simply by using the ‘WorkTrends’ hashtag.

Every week Meghan M. Biro interviews a guest who’s thinking creatively about the future of work. Technology, people, work culture, recruitment, innovation and much more are discussed.

Interesting topics covered include: The Value of Employee Referral Programs, Building Successful Business Partnerships and The Top 5 Predictors of Employee Turnover.

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6. HCI’s Nine-to-Thrive HR Podcast

The Human Capital Institute (HCI) provides a platform for human resource teams, talent management leaders, and business executives around the world to help them plan, build, and develop the workforce of the future with their Nine-to-Thrive HR Podcast.

Leading HR practitioners from Fortune 1000 companies, as well thought-leaders, authors and academics are interviewed in each episode and these experts cover everything from talent acquisition and analytics to engagement, retention, and development in their discussions.

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