How tech can help combat a culture of gender discrimination

Culture of gender discrimination

Another day, another case of gender discrimination filed against a global organization. This time,  Nike is being sued by two former employees who say they left the company because of the hostile work environment. Sadly, this is a common complaint from women. Work is still a hostile place for many.

Sometimes a company’s culture is overtly sexist and demeaning. More often, there’s a subtle undercurrent of hostility or an unconfirmed suspicion of unequal pay or promotion opportunities. Either way, combatting a culture of gender discrimination requires transparency and communication at every stage of the employee journey.

For example, when a new female hire goes through your onboarding process, she should not only feel assured that she is being paid fairly, but she should also know that she has access to things like:

  • An integration process that will enable her to reach productivity fast
  • Regular, two-way performance reviews
  • Mentorship and networking opportunities

Combating a culture of gender discrimination is an important part of any Diversity & Inclusion strategy. Unfortunately, ensuring that your strategy is implemented throughout the organization is another story.

Ensure your Diversity & Inclusion strategy is implemented at all levels

Here at vi, we work with organizations of all sizes from a wide range of industries. They are working hard to retain great employees, especially women and diverse employees, by implementing and refining D&I strategies.

We created our Diversity & Inclusion software to help you ensure that every new hire is onboarded, integrated and reviewed fairly.

Here are some of the questions vi can help you answer:

  • How do you ensure your D&I strategy is implemented at all levels?
  • Are managers reinforcing behaviors that lead to an inclusive culture?
  • Are any diverse employees falling through the cracks?
  • How well are diverse employees integrating (and onboarding) compared to other groups?
  • Are diverse employees equipped to perform at their best?

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