Boost employee retention in healthcare

Employee retention in healthcare

Employee retention is a difficult subject in most industries, but in healthcare it can literally become a question of life and death. High turnover affects hospital financials (costing up to 150% of an employee’s salary, according to some reports) and it can have a detrimental impact patient care. It also makes life harder for the staff members who end up shouldering additional responsibilities until new employees are found and trained.

Here are some ways leaders can improve employee retention in healthcare organizations:

1. Employ strong, empathetic leaders

With unpredictable schedules, excessive overtime, and very little flexibility, it’s easy for healthcare professionals to feel overwhelmed and undervalued. A strong leader will make their team feel safe and appreciated.

They’ll be able to foster the culture of understanding and empathy that keeps many healthcare workers loyal, even under the most trying circumstances.

2. Listen to staff

Regular employee reviews and feedback sessions will alert leaders to pressing issues and enable them to resolve potential problems before they cause staff to jump ship. A combination of performance reviews, anonymous surveys, and regular informal check-ins is highly recommended.

3. Set top-down goals

We recently wrote an article on how to set top-down goals in healthcare, and the importance of getting front-line employees to buy into organization goals.

4. Help employees manage their career paths

One of the most important aspects of employee retention in healthcare and other industries is career growth. When junior and mid-level employees have a career plan and feel confident that they can fulfil it at your organization, they’re more likely to engage and perform well.

5. Recognize and reward performance

It is very important that you celebrate when people offer outstanding service or reach their goals.

Consistently high performers are your organization’s future leaders – and they’re often driven by intrinsic motivators that are much more important than money.

Use technology to manage and measure employee motivation

Our software is designed to help companies retain their employees by offering tailored integration, retention, diversity, and performance pathways.

Watch this video to see how it works:

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