How to select the right performance management software for your firm

Performance management software

Performance management software is next-generation HR solution that’s designed to improve business performance by engaging with and motivating employees to help a firm meet its goals.

It enables leaders to have more regular and meaningful conversations with employees than the traditional annual review process offers. The ability to ‘check in’ regularly is particularly important to millennial lawyers and professionals, who value ongoing goal-setting and feedback conversations with their leaders.

Modern performance management software allows the firm to carefully measure and manage employee performance, tracking individual contributions to a team, as well as that team’s ability to meet business objectives, thus tying performance into the firm’s bottom line. It should allow you to quickly identify top performers and help underperformers improve.

In this article, we share the 7 questions you should ask when investing in performance management software for your firm.

  1. Can it handle the complexities of a professional services firm? A performance evaluation platform that is designed for the professional services industry will be much easier to use. IT should allow to track performance for various levels of seniority amongst your lawyers, consultants or engineers, and support staff.
  2. Does it offer a firm-wide view of performance? Look for intuitive dashboards and reports that show you how professionals and employees are performing at any given point in time.
  3. Does it simplify all types of evaluation processes? Does your firm need to complete summer student evaluations, personal development plans (PDPs), real-time feedback, associate evaluations, upward reviews, self-evaluations, anonymous evaluations, partner evaluations, or real-time feedback? Your software should support all of these.
  4. Does it offer practice-group and office-based reports? Are you able to report on how segments of your firm’s employees are performing across practice groups and offices?
  5. Does it allow senior professionals and partners to evaluate employees on a project basis? This more practical type of feedback is often more meaningful.
  6. Does it automatically remind people to complete evaluations on time? This is a powerful feature that will help ensure that your firm’s performance reviews remain up to date.
  7. Does it integrate with your accounting system? If you can track who has been working on various projects throughout the year, you’ll be better able to identify key evaluator relationships.

Learn about our performance management platform for professional services

vi’s performance management tool is designed for professional services firms.

We understand the complexities of performance management processes at professional services firms. We help you to identify your top performers and provide you the information you need to help underperforming people improve.

Our software works for all employees at the firm as well as all lawyers, accountants, consultants and/or engineers. It offers powerful dashboards and reports, simplifies performance reviews at all levels, is automated, and widely integrated.

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