What is personalized HR?

What is personalized HR?

Technology has changed many things for businesses. It allows us to accelerate, automate and personalize customer experiences. Just talk to anyone in Sales or Marketing, and they’ll tell you all about the importance of tailored customer communications and experiences.

People are the heart of every business

Think about the way you shop, listen to music, read eBooks and watch television. It’s all tailored to you: companies use technology to analyze your preferences and past experiences in order to recommend new products and services that you might enjoy.

We have all become used to the idea of personalization. And Generation Z – those just entering the workforce now – have known little else.

If we can use technology to put customers at the center of our organizations, then we can surely use it to put our employees in the same place. Why don’t we give them the same level of care as we expect them to give our customers?

After all, we already know that retention is a huge challenge for many organizations, and that today’s employees want to feel listened to and valued. They want to be treated as individuals.

What is personalized HR?

Rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach to processes like employee onboarding, integration, training and performance management, personalized HR says you can use intelligent technology to accelerate, automate and tailor your employees’ career journey.

For example, there’s technology that allows you to plot, personalize and then measure each new employee’s integration period. You can assign mentors, set goals, plan welcoming events, request feedback from peers, project managers, and direct team members, and then track it all to make sure it’s happening to schedule.

Here are five ways you can use technology for personalized HR:

1. Personalize career planning

Research shows that employees thrive when they clearly understand the skills needed to grow and can follow a directed career path.

Give each employee a personal vision of success, enable them to take a pro-active approach to their own development, and show them the path to success.

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2. Integration

Reduce attrition rates by making sure new employees are welcomed and integrated into your organization.

Use timeline-based integration software to ensure all levels of new hire stick.

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3. Diversity and inclusion

Build an inclusive workforce by tracking the integration, retention, performance and satisfaction levels of diverse employee groups.

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4. Professional development

Use technology to help managers work out how best to support and guide employees, identify the most suitable training programs, and ensure that mentorships are focused on the right outcomes.

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5. Performance management and feedback

Offer regular performance feedback and use it to create focused, actionable employee development plans.

With real-time performance review software, your people don’t need to wait a year for performance feedback.

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6. Intrapreneurship

Allow department managers to create short term work ‘gigs’ inside your company. Then unleash your high potential employees on these gigs and foster an intrapreneurial spirit

Ready to give it a try?

Personalized HR is people-centered approach to talent management that’s powered by technology.

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