Increase productivity with workload forecasting software from vi

Workload forecasting software

If you’re still trying to manage team forecasts in Excel, we feel your pain! Multiple versions, duplicate jobs, confusion over who is already working on a particular project, and sudden fluctuations in workload for one or two individuals… what a waste of time.

We created our workload forecasting software, vi UTILIZE, to address these very issues.

What is workload forecasting software?

Workload forecasting software gives organizations the ability to accurately forecast anticipated work and allocate tasks to individuals based on a range of metrics: availability, experience, skills, and capabilities.

It gives managers complete visibility over how busy team members are to ease the process of scheduling new work or determining overall team capacity for additional projects. But the true value of workload forecasting software rests in its ability to build a measure of intelligence into the management of your most important resource: your people.

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What makes viUTILIZE different?

vi is completely customizable to your workflows. You can allow each department to configure it their own way, use their own color-coded systems, and add custom fields to track forecasting their way.

The best thing about viUTILIZE is how much time it saves. The system simply sends an automated email to remind people to indicate their availability, capacity, days in the office and schedule absences online. The process takes less than five minutes and can be done daily, weekly or bi-weekly.

vi also enables you to track capacity easily, with.color-coded dashboards that indicate when an individual may be over- or under-utilized. You can view your entire department in a single report. This will give you a real-time indication of who is most/least available to take on work. You’ll also be able to see and plan for upcoming scheduled absences.

With vi, you can view a color-coded list of availability by office, department or any other criteria, at any time.

Ready to maximize your team’s efficiency?

viUTILIZE is one of our eight people management software modules that plug into your existing software to modernize the way you manage workload scheduling.

You can read more about the module here, or follow the link below to get started with a demo.

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