Bridge the gaps between goal setting, learning and success in your training program

Training and development program

If you’re responsible for offering a training program to your organization, you may have noticed a few disconnects. For example, is the material you create aligned to employee goals or career maps? Are employees truly mastering new skills and putting them to use to improve the way your business operates? Is their training having a noticeable effect on their performance reviews?

These questions probably aren’t easy to answer, which is part of the problem. How can we offer an effective training program with no context, and how can we improve it with no measurement?

These are the challenges that vi was created to solve. We offer eight talent management modules that integrate with each other and with your other HR solutions.

Our learning management module, viLMS, is an intelligent solution that bridges many of the gaps in the traditional training lifecycle.

The four stages of the training lifecycle

We have identified four key phases of learning:

  1. Goal setting
  2. Learning
  3. Skill mastery
  4. Performance improvement

They are all linked, but it can be difficult to create a training and development program that aligns neatly to this and to measure its success.

With viLMS, you can implement clear activities and track the results. And you can save time while doing it, thanks to the system intelligent automation and calendar integration.

Create an integrated training program

First, ensure managers are taking the time to help employees define career roadmaps, and encourage them to identify and share any necessary training requirements.

Use this information, along with any training required to help meet company goals, as well as any necessary training to meet legislative requirements, to create a personalized learning path for each employee. Your learning path should include a variety of formats, including classroom, webinars and e-learning. viLMS supports all learning formats.

Once the employee has completed a course or module, give them a chance to practice and master their skills by assigning them a new project. If you use vi, you can add the viWORKALLOCATION module for this.

You can track the effectiveness of your training by monitoring the employee’s performance reviews. vi connects your performance management to training, allowing you to track the results at an individual, team or office level. We recommend implementing a real-time feedback process, whereby direct managers, project managers etc. are invited to provide helpful feedback for each employee. This should be a two-way process so that the individual has the opportunity to tell you whether they feel their training is valuable, or how it could be improved.

Use vi to:

  • Create a highly effective, integrated training and development program that employees can align to their own career goals
  • Increase the take-up of learning modules
  • Create your own credit tracking system and ‘university’
  • Reduce your administration time by automating and tracking the entire process

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