viGlobal is Now vi by Aderant

You may have noticed some changes around here…

viGlobal is now vi by Aderant. This change in name and look aligns the visual identity of the vi people management suite with that of Aderant. Expect to see some logo and color changes across our website and products, but know that the core product (and the people behind it!) remain the same.

With the 2022 acquisition of vi by Aderant by Aderant, vi by Aderant is no longer a company – its products are now part of a suite of solutions offered by Aderant. The new “vi by Aderant” branding brings the vi by Aderant suite of products into the larger Aderant family.

The vi experience you have come to know and the relationships you have built with our success team will not be affected. We know that your future experience with vi by Aderant’s products will only be enhanced by Aderant’s breadth of resources and global network.

As some long-time vi clients may remember; this isn’t the first time the vi name or look has changed.

viDesktop was founded as a software solution aimed to simplify the complex annual evaluation process for lawyers and initially offered just one product: viEval.

As viDesktop quickly grew to a catalogue of 6 products, and over 200 clients – the decision was made to change the name and branding to vi by Aderant.

The name remained vi by Aderant as we continued to grow to 9 products over 500 clients across the globe.

When Aderant acquired vi by Aderant in August 2022, the name initially remained vi by Aderant as we discussed internally what the product integration process would look like. Knowing that our people are our greatest asset, we knew that maintaining our client relationships and continuity was a top priority.

This is why Aderant welcomed the entire vi by Aderant team into the Aderant family. The teams will work as one under the Aderant umbrella to continue to evolve the software to meet the needs of your firm. Aderant’s mission remains the same – helping law firms run a better business.

Same products. Same people. New name.


vi by Aderant