Chapter 5: Real-Time Feedback Technology

5 Real-Time Feedback Technology

What tools and technology can you use for real-time feedback

Real-time feedback software creates a detailed feedback system that is easy to use and easy to maintain. It can lighten the workload on your leadership, management, and employees. It can also keep your organization connected, allowing people to give or receive feedback whether they’re in the office, traveling for work, or working from home.


71% of employees and managers say technology powering real-time feedback will improve performance management and 67% say it’s a positive HR change.

Source: Accenture Strategy

What to look for in RTF software

  • Open access: An 24/7 system that allows you to submit and respond to a feedback request from anywhere, including on mobile
  • Project-based feedback: Imports projects directly from billing systems and suggest feedback requests at checkpoints or billing thresholds
  • Use of multiple feedback workflows: Allows evaluators to shift between shared and private feedback as needed
  • Feedback suggestions: Can offer reminders or suggestions for feedback at certain times or when certain thresholds are met
  • Customization: Support to customize or design workflows specific to your organization and customize criteria for feedback triggers
  • Scoring: An option to add scores to feedback and hide them from employees
  • Approval: An option to have every piece of shared feedback go to an approval stage before it gets released to an employee

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