Unleash Your Lawyers’ Potential

Skills are at the core of your talent management. Empower your professionals with skills tracking and skills management software so they can advance at your organization and in their careers.

When you elevate how you manage the competencies of your firm and its people, the possibilities are limitless:

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Skill-Based Career Planning

Identify necessary skills for every position within your firm, empowering managers to clearly lay out each associate’s progress towards their ideal role. Include progress made within their formal evaluation process, increasing transparency and curtailing feelings around lack of advancement.

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Skill-Developing Work Allocation


Enable matter and task assignment based on self-declared competency levels. Create project teams with complementary skill sets to increase associates’ exposure to those they need to learn.

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Upskill to Fill Competency Gaps


Identify skill gaps within teams, departments, offices, or firmwide. Then evaluate which associates are interested in learning and developing particular skills. Inform your professional development efforts with individual associate level accuracy.

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Nurture Mentoring Opportunities


Pair the highly experienced with those eager to learn on matters or projects for a more hands-on knowledge sharing cadence—working side by side and learning together while sharing their experiences.

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Better Informed Hiring Criteria


Use data to identify the skills of your highest performers and create ideal skill profiles for each position you want to fill. Compare lateral hire candidates to your own rock stars and see how they match up. Screen fresh graduates against historical skill data of those who excelled and plan their skill development accordingly.

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Support Cross-Department Movement


Retain associates looking for a change by working with them to create a skill development plan designed for success. Use skill data from members of internal teams to identify which competencies an associate needs to be successful and ensure a smooth transition to a new department.

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