The 50 Hottest Professional Service Internship Programs (Infographic)

Why internship programs for service companies are different

Think all internships are the same? Times are changing.

Internships these days bear little resemblance to what were once busy-work roles focused on filing, errands, and reception duties. According to a recent study by Glassdoor, if some of today’s summer positions were year-around jobs, the annual salaries would reach $100,000!1.

Top-paying companies offer summer associates, summer interns, co-ops, and apprentices meaningful work that contributes measurable corporate value. Some companies automate project allocation allowing interns to choose projects that interest them and assign mentors to help interns quickly integrate and contribute.

You know interns, we know Internship Program Management

In our most recent infographic, we profile the 50 hottest professional service internship programs in America. These aren’t coffee-run positions; these are companies that are people-forward and intern-ready. They know interns (and we know Internship Program Management!). Companies of this caliber are progressive, understand how the upcoming intern classes will differ from their millennial siblings and how technology-forward corporate cultures stay ahead of the competition by harnessing the power of their future leaders.

Service-focused organizations from legal and financial firms, to engineering and consulting teams, know that interns and early career employees are a vital building block in the foundation of their corporate culture—and they’re investing.

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