Trend alert: Here’s how to create a culture of continuous learning (microlearning)


Microlearning is increasingly being used by organizations to upskill their people. This type of learning is most popular in retail and customer-facing environments, but now the corporate world is using it to deliver skills, compliance and behavioral training.

It makes sense to offer quick, agile learning modules to today’s busy employee. And if it isn’t something you’re considering yet, the prediction that millennials (with a reported average attention span of 90 seconds) will make up 75% of the workforce by 2025, should motivate you to do so.

What is microlearning?

Unlike the long-form, “heavy” learning most of us are familiar with, microlearning breaks course material up into smaller chunks and uses technology to present it to learners in a more engaging and interactive manner.

For example, a health and safety course might consist of several five-minute learning modules that are a mix of video instruction, whiteboard animations, and role-based scenarios.

This type of learning supports multi-device use, giving employees control over when and how they learn. It’s also cheaper to build, requires a shorter development cycle, and can be tailored or updated quickly.


The healthy habit of life-long learning

The 2018 Microlearning Global Benchmark Report found that microlearning is habit-forming. 75% of the 350,000 users it surveyed turn to microlearning training sessions two to three times per week.

Developing a microlearning offering is therefor a great way to develop your employees, ensure compliance, and create a culture of continuous learning.

We already know that career development and training are important to employees, so offering a program like this is also a valuable retention strategy.

Four quick tips for effective microlearning

Microlearning courses are short and agile by nature. You can make them more effective by:

  1. Make it relevant: Make your courses relevant by tailoring them to departments, locations and seniority levels.
  2. Make it mobile: Give people the opportunity to learn whenever and wherever they wish.
  3. Gamify it: Add a bit of fun and bring out your employees’ competitive sides by gamifying some modules.
  4. Reward it: Keep motivation high by recognizing peoples’ commitment to learning.

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