9 things your employee onboarding software should do

employee onboarding software

The job of integrating and retaining great people starts the moment they walk through the door.

Did you know that 22% of turnover happens within the first 45 days of employment, and a senior employee typically decides within the first 30 days whether your company is home or not?

A robust process enabled by robust software

A robust employee onboarding process will ensure your new hires fully integrate into your organization and have the highest possible chance of success. The right onboarding software solution will support this by ensuring that your entire organization is equipped to make new hires feel right at home.

Here are 9 things your employee onboarding software should do:

  1. Support various onboarding workflows and timelines for different roles, including junior, mid-level and senior hires.
  2. Enable you to customize onboarding processes as required.
  3. Boost efficiency by allowing you to import data from recruitment and application tracking solutions and export it to other HR databases (in real time).
  4. Automatically send email reminders to notify people of upcoming tasks.
  5. Alert you to interruptions, bottlenecks and stalled workflows.
  6. Provide real-time feedback from new hires as well as those working with them.
  7. Flag hires who are falling through the cracks.
  8. Offer insight into the effectiveness of your onboarding process at an individual, department and office level.
  9. Give you a bird’s-eye view of everyone currently being onboarded, and how they’re progressing.

A poor employee onboarding process leads to high attrition and has a negative effect on culture. It can also have a negative impact on efficiency across the business.

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