What to look for when adopting an internal gig platform

Internal gig platform

If you’re a savvy leader you will have noticed that some of your most talented employees have entered the ‘moonlight market’ by taking on side gigs. It’s a trend that’s becoming increasingly popular, especially among technology and marketing professionals who are attracted by the opportunity to earn extra income, develop new skills, and broaden their experience.

It’s so popular that you’re probably sitting on a gold mine of hidden talent without even knowing it.

Tap into your organization’s hidden talent

The good news is that you can create your own version of popular gig platforms like Fiverr and Upwork.

Creating an internal gig economy is a great way to foster intrapreneurship and retain top performers by allowing them to take on stimulating work gigs in other departments and teams. It’ll help your people grow and make your organization nimbler and more productive.

What to look for in an internal gig platform solution

Here are 9 things an internal gig platform should do:

  1. Allow you to share jobs directly with select employees or open them up to the ‘market’.
  2. Initiate an approval process to ensure that all jobs are properly briefed and good to go.
  3. Enable people to filter jobs by difficulty, skills required, etc.
  4. Automatically close the job when enough people have signed up for it.
  5. Track completion of each project.
  6. Make it easy for people to view and access the gigs they’re currently working on.
  7. Collect two-way feedback from and about individuals working on gigs.
  8. Offer a bird’s-eye view of all active gigs, along with deadlines and real-time status updates.
  9. Integrate with other HR and performance management systems for a holistic view of each employee.

Learn about vi’s internal gig platform

vi’s gig technology platform enables team leaders and managers to create short- and long-term projects and promote them throughout the organization.

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