Real-time performance feedback is best for developing and retaining employees

Real-time performance feedback

Aah the performance review – that great event that employees and managers dread equally. Luckily, they only happen once a year, right?

Well, perhaps that’s where the problem lies: the fact that most companies conduct very few performance reviews throughout the year but expect managers and employees to remember everything that’s happened since the last one.

Such delayed feedback makes it nearly impossible for managers to have constructive conversations with their employees, let alone for the employees to leave with practical steps for career development.

The other problem with this approach to providing performance feedback is that it is biased. Managers often miss important moments and achievements or even claim them as their own. A selection of reviews from team members, people who have worked alongside the employee on a project, etc. add credibility to performance reviews.

Gathering and sharing this feedback in real-time is the best way to motivate and grow your employees. It enables them to have constructive conversations while things are still fresh in their minds, which means they can correct course and develop their skills, and career faster.

How do you gather real-time performance feedback?

It requires a bit of a culture change. You want to enable everyone in your organization to give and receive constructive feedback on a regular basis. There are several avenues for collecting feedback:

  • 360-degree team reviews, where everyone in the team reviews their peers
  • Post-project reviews, where project leaders and team members review each other after specific assignments are complete (this is good for cross-department feedback)
  • Interim feedback during the course of long-term projects
  • Employee questionnaires and surveys

Make it easy for people to provide real-time feedback

One of the challenges with performance feedback is that it takes time to complete, compile and share. This is where real-time performance management software is helpful. It’s a web-based portal that people can quickly access to log their reviews.

Our solution, viRealtimeFeedback, even sends managers and leaders automated reminders if they haven’t completed reviews on time.

Don’t let your best employees slip through the cracks – engage and motivate them with real-time performance reviews.

82% of employees really appreciate receiving feedback, regardless if it’s positive or negative, and 65% employees say they want more feedback. So if your organization is looking for a way to keep high performers engaged, this is a relatively quick win.

Learn about viRealtimeFeedback

Our real-time feedback software is designed to help you create the ultimate real-time feedback process.

You can use it to:

  • Slice and dice feedback reports: Find out if employees are doing better in certain departments or offices.
  • Create any type of real-time feedback questionnaire you want
  • Collect feedback on specific projects and assignments throughout the year
  • Auto remind evaluators that they need to complete outstanding or requested feedback reviews

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