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Applicant Tracking Software

Whether your in-house recruiting team manages thousands of applications a year, or just a few hundred, Application Tracking Software (ATS) can offer huge productivity and effectiveness gains to your HR department.

Reviewing a hefty pile of CVs, tracking down and talking, and scheduling interviews is a time-confusing, often chaos experience for most recruiters. And that’s assuming that you’re confident that the applicants you select meet all the necessary criteria.

The benefits of Applicant Tracking Software

ATS is most commonly used by law and professional services firms that recruit high volumes of candidates for things like Summer Programs. These candidates need to be reviewed and processed very quickly, and very carefully.

This is one of the biggest benefits of an ATS – it automatically sifts through CVs and selects those that meet specified requirements, removing the risk of human error or misinterpretation, and accelerating the process by hours or even days.

Now, we’re seeing organizations of all sizes and from all industries catching on to the benefits of automating this process. It’s just another example of digital transformation – technology making us more productive at work.

Is an ATS unfair to candidates?

We recently wrote an article for candidates, explaining how they can ensure their CVs aren’t dismissed unnecessarily by an ATS. There are a few formatting mistakes that can lead to a CV being missed by the system, but as long as they are instructed to submit their application in Word format (or whatever your system requires), they’ll be fine.

Read the article here: https://vibyaderant.com/2019/03/26/how-to-optimize-your-cv-for-applicant-tracking-systems/

Considerations when purchasing Applicant Tracking Software

If you are investigating an ATS, here are a few questions you should ask suppliers:

  • Does it integrate nicely with your website?
  • Can it handle multiple recruitment process workflows?
  • Does it have an interface for recruitment search firms?
  • Does it automate interview scheduling?
  • Does it automatically process and move applicants out or further down the process?
  • Does it automatically send candidates invitation, rejection and offer letters, etc?
  • Does it collect interviewer feedback so that you can compare applicants easily?
  • Does it show diversity recruitment statistics?
  • What reporting and analytics does it offer?

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Our solution offers all of the above and more. It’s easy to use and offers powerful insights to drive recruiting decisions and accelerate the entire process.

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