How do Applicant Tracking Systems work?

Applicant tracking systems

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), also known as talent management systems, are growing in popularity among organizations of all sizes. It’s just another example of how technology and digital transformation are changing the way we work by allowing us to streamline, automate and easily collaborate and report on projects.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to this wonderful software and what it can do, before telling you about viRecruit, our ATS that takes applicant tracking to the next level.

What is an Applicant Tracking System?

An ATS is a software system that collects data and automates many of the tasks related to a company’s recruiting process, from receiving applications to hiring successful candidates.

Firstly, it’s a database, so when a candidate applies for a job on your website, their contact information, experience, education, resume and cover letter are sent to the ATS, where they’re securely stored. This information evolves as the candidate progresses through your recruiting process.

For organizations that receive high volumes of applications, the ATS is a valuable time saver, filtering out unsuitable applications, and essentially doing the first round of CV reviews. After that, it’s saves time by automatically sending notification emails to unsuccessful candidates.

The ATS is then used by hiring managers to schedule interviews and manage the rest of the process, until the successful candidate is hired.

Applicant tracking systems
How Applicant Tracking Software works. Source: Jobscan

viRecruit – a powerful, intuitive Applicant Tracking System that takes it to the next level

Our applicant tracking system integrates with your website and is designed to handle some of the most complex recruiting processes, including multiple recruiting process workflows – summer student/analyst, lateral associate/consultant, partner and employee. Each type of application can have its own settings and workflow.

Manage Search Firm relationships

Search firms can only submit applicants for positions that you give them permission for. Search firms can only submit applicants if they have a valid contract. We date-stamp applicants so you only pay a search firm if they submitted the applicant first.

Allow applicants to self-schedule interviews

We have an optional self- scheduling feature where applicants can self-schedule interview slots and then you match them to appropriate interviewers.

Collect interviewer rapidly

Decide quickly who you want to make an offer to. Compare applicants quickly to make snap decisions under pressure.

Built-in reports for diversity tracking

Track your hiring rates against your diversity targets. Find out how many diverse candidates accept offers or decline.

Report on every aspect of your recruiting process

Easily see which schools, search firms or locations consistently provide the best candidates.

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