Use real-time feedback to boost team performance

Team performance

When last did you stop to take the pulse of your team’s motivation, engagement and performance levels?

Most of us are so busy trying to manage deadlines, workloads and unexpected tasks that we forget to connect with the people we manage – to check in and ask them how they’re coping under the pressure, or whether they feel that they’re contributing, learning and growing as much as they would like to.

The simple act of ‘checking in’ regularly is a powerful retention and performance management tool. It shows people that they matter, and that their feelings, thoughts and work are valued.

When people feel valued, they stay longer, and they perform better.

Regular check ins also enable you to catch small issues before they morph into huge errors and misunderstandings and to guide people who might not otherwise feel confident enough to ask for help.

This is what we call ‘real-time feedback’ – and it’s more effective and less pressured than leaving everything to the annual performance review. Essentially, you’re offering small bits of feedback at multiple stages of your employee’s journey with you.

Offering regular feedback might feel strange at first. Not everyone wants regular feedback –and it might feel like you’re opening a can of worms in some cases, but after a while, the team will (hopefully) get used to the idea. They’ll know that you care deeply and that you are walking alongside them. Building a team culture based on communication, empathy, recognition of hard work, and the ability to receive constructive criticism will all serve to improve your team performance.

Here are some more benefits of real-time feedback:

  • It can build relationships
  • It can improve the team’s communication skills
  • It builds confidence
  • It’s a more natural management approach
  • It can make you a better, more considerate manager
  • It’s a form of mentorship
  • It can encourage dialogue, innovation, and creative thinking
  • It can mitigate risk
  • It can boost morale
  • It can boost retention

Of course, this assumes that you are a good leader who treats your team fairly and with compassion.

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Real-time feedback software boosts team performance

Our real-time performance feedback module allows you to design the ultimate real-time feedback process.  You can create any real-time feedback questionnaire and any process you want, fully customized to your organization. We offer default best practice forms for you too right out of the box.

Use it to collect feedback on specific projects and assignments throughout the year. If your employees are working on large-scale projects, you can easily schedule feedback check-ins along the way.

As soon as someone asks for feedback, the software automatically emails the people who should give feedback, ‘chasing’ evaluators until feedback is complete.

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