Talent management: work hard now to secure your future

There are so many things shaping the workplace today. Many industries are battling a talent shortage and finding that they need to do more than offer a competitive package to retain high performers. At the same time, technology advancements are driving ever-closer collaboration and communication between teams and individuals from around the world, resulting in a more diverse, inclusive, and global approach to work and talent management than ever before.

Younger employees are demanding regular, real-time feedback and crave ongoing direction, communication and approval from their managers, while rejecting micro-management and expecting autonomy.

And of course, social media, video and smart devices mean that nothing can be hidden or covered up. Transparency is required at every level – which means that honesty and integrity are required at every level, too.

Build talent management foundations now to ensure your organization’s success in future

Talent management teams that are doing the hard work now, are the ones that will benefit in five or ten years’ time.

The ones who give their people autonomy and freedom to work where and how they please now will benefit from a workforce of high performers who work on their own initiative.

The ones who invest in technology, automation and training now, are the ones who will have the most efficient processes and effective people in the future.

The ones who fight for diversity and inclusion now will benefit from longer retention spans, loyal employees, and true innovation.

And the ones who take the time to refine and improve performance management now will raise up the most effective leaders of the next generation.

At vi, we work with future-forward companies to help them lay solid foundations for their organizations’ future.

If you’re looking to future-proof your company, please explore our easy-to-use talent management modules, or talk to us about the work we do with leaders around the world.

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