5 reasons why you should invest in employee-centric HR technology


The very nature of work is changing. Everything from what we do, where we do it and how we do it has shifted radically in a matter of years – and it continues to evolve. In most cases, we’re dependent on technology to perform our duties, we’re able to work from just about any location, and we approach business with more information at our fingertips than ever before.

What organizations expect and what employees want have also changed considerably in the recent past. And these changes are being reflected in the HR technology landscape. In fact, companies like ours aren’t building technology for HR departments anymore – we’re building it for employees.

In this article, we explore five of the most important elements of employee-centric technology.

Why should your organization adopt employee-centric HR technology (if it hasn’t already)?

1. It solves productivity challenges by addressing employee wellbeing, engagement, and retention

Programs that focus on employee wellbeing, engagement and retention are no longer nice-to-haves. In a sense, many jobs have become more demanding – employees are ‘always on’, they’re professional multitaskers and have to be quick on their feet. There’s no denying that our modern lifestyles are stressful and with that, today’s employees are more likely to disengage when they’re not motivated by their work, when they’re faced with unrealistic workloads, a toxic work culture or other issues that infringe on their wellbeing.

Advanced HR technology helps organizations make effective work assignment decisions, manage performance and identify skills gaps, therefore giving managers insight into where changes can be made or where help can be offered through training or mentorship, for example, to keep employees engaged, motivated and happy.

2. It puts the employee experience at the center and seeks to meet their true needs

Today’s employee is resourceful and empowered. They know their worth and they seek to be a part of organizations where they are valued, where they’re able to contribute and grow in their career development.

The ball is, by and large, in the employee’s court nowadays. When joining a company, they want to know what they’ll gain in terms of their own professional growth. Companies who succeed at attracting and retaining employees put the employee experience at the center and strive to meet individuals’ needs through opportunities like continuous learning or internal gigs. These benefits enrich employees’ professional experience by helping them succeed in their roles and gain skills in new areas.

Employee-centric HR technology can help organizations guide employees in their career reflections and goals and give them clarity in their career paths. It can also help them increase participation in learning, ensuring that employees are well rounded. Further, it enables you to gather and give feedback with better review processes, in real-time, helping you meet employees’ needs and see their true value.

3. It helps organizations give their high performers what they need to succeed (and stay!)

High performers tend to be ambitious individuals who strive to achieve an excellent standard of work. Generally speaking, they work well in teams, remain calm under pressure, prioritize well and are open to receiving feedback. They’re often multi-talented and have an entrepreneurial mindset. They enjoy developing their knowledge and broadening their horizons – and they want to know that there is a strategy in place for them to do so at your organization.

First of all, the right technology can help you identify which of your employees fall within the top 10% of performers, in alignment with your specific organizational objectives. Companies that put in the effort to understand what high performers are looking for and match that with authentic efforts are more likely to attract and retain this type of employee.

Once you’ve identified your high performers, HR technology can help you integrate high performing new hires, and create a culture of continuous learning and intrapreneurship. It also helps you be agile by putting top performers on key projects, adapting to the changing marketplace.

4. Employee-centric HR tech saves everyone time

Time is one of the most precious resources – and organizations that succeed and remain competitive in today’s pace can’t afford to waste it. Similarly, driven employees make every effort to maximize their output in a given amount of time, and find it frustrating, inhibiting, and sometimes rather stressful when processes take longer than they should.

Using the right employee-centric HR software can save organizations and employees valuable time by automating, streamlining or speeding up processes (like managing the recruitment process, completing reviews, giving feedback, forecasting work and overseeing learning, to name a few aspects) freeing everyone up to focus on other important matters. It can also help maximize the efficiency of departments by making sure people are getting the right amount of work – not too much, not too little.

5. It’s online, mobile and easy to use

In light of the pressure organizations and employees face to make the most of the limited time we have available each day, people don’t want to hassle with outdated processes that tie them down or make tasks laborious.

They want easy access to the technology that makes their jobs more seamless. Given the demand for modern, employee-centric solutions, HR technology platforms – like ours – are becoming more like platforms to which you add relevant apps. For example, our clients can choose from eight ‘modules’, as outlined below, that make their role in driving employee centricity, and attracting and retaining great people, much simpler.

  • Applicant tracking – our applicant tracking system (ATS) plugs into your website to seamlessly streamline your end-to-end recruiting processes.
  • New hire integrationThis software allows you to create a timeline of integration activities and actions for all new hires, ensuring that they are fully integrated into the cultural fiber of your organization.
  • Performance management This cutting-edge software provides a foundational system for managing performance, allowing you to engage your workforce and gain insights into top performers and trends.
  • Real-time feedbackWith our software, you can give employees feedback on their performance in real-time, allowing them to course correct and improve quickly.
  • Workload forecastingOur workload forecasting system puts you in the driver’s seat of scheduling people for upcoming projects and assignments.
  • Gig and summer work allocation This is the ideal solution for your gig or summer program, allowing people to find (or be tasked with) assignments that meet their career objectives via a central assignment system.
  • Learning management and credit trackingThis robust software solution is designed for planning, delivering and managing all learning at your organization, supporting your people through their training lifecycle. It also includes a full credit tracking engine.
  • Skills management and developmentOur skills tracking system allows you to create a set of skills by department and level, empowering employees to visually see a ‘career path’ and gain the work experience they need to progress.

Is your organization equipped for change with employee-centric technology?

Learn more about our employee-centric HR technology, and ensure that your organization is ahead of the curve in a rapidly changing work environment.

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