What is new employee integration software?

New employee integration software

Did you know that 22% of employee turnover typically happens within the first 45 days of employment? Or that a senior employee typically decides within the first 30 days whether your company is home or not?

This is important to know because it is indicative of the correlation between how an employee’s career with you begins, and how it ends.

The saying, “Start as you mean to go on,” applies to the way you treat new hires – and they know it. First impressions count and leaving new employees to sink or swim on their own does not leave good impression at all. In fact, it tells them (despite what your internal marketing might say) that the business doesn’t really care about them.

A poor onboarding and integration process also sets up new hires for failure, as they struggle to build relationships with important stakeholders, miss important processes, and just generally take ages to become productive members of the team.

Software designed to solve the retention problem

At a time when employee retention is a huge problem for many companies, especially in technology sector, but also in professional services, education and healthcare, organizations are doing everything they can to retain top performers – including optimizing the new-hire integration process.

What used to be a process to set up their computers and walk new hires through things like the company’s history, vision and policies, has evolved into a holistic process that integrates new employees into the fabric of the organization as fast as possible.

New-hire integration software makes this possible. It allows companies to develop tailored new-hire integration pathways that are fully and consistently implemented, and easily tracked, across the entire organization.

It prevents new hires from falling through the cracks, giving them the highest possible chance of success and ultimately lowering attrition rates.

Help senior hires build the right relationships

Ensuring that senior employees fully integrate is key to the success of your organization. New employee integration software ensures that the correct stakeholders are involved, relationships are built, and internal marketing activities are done. This is crucial to a senior executive’s long-term success at your organization.

It can make all the difference to diverse hires

Modern integration software also gives you instant visibility into how well diverse hires are integrating into your organization and gives them every opportunity to integrate and develop long-term social connections that matter.

Create effective new hire integration programs with viIntegrate

Making a new employee feel welcome isn’t that difficult, but it requires input from multiple, often very busy, stakeholders across the organization. The best way to manage all this, is with viIntegrate, the solution that helps you create, implement and track effective new hire integration programs.

Use it to create the ultimate plan with every step laid out, including mentor meetings, meet & greets, strategic social events, stakeholder meetings, diversity & inclusion policy, etc.

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